Galileu Magazine Redesign
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Dossiê: Galileu Mag
Asteroids Spreads: Galileu Mag
Nine points of view about the country
Brazil in the 19th Century
A novinha é apenas uma criança
What body is worthy of a magazine cover?
The weirdest star on the galaxy
Bomb Spreads: Galileu Mag
Circus of Horrors
Transgender Spreads: Galileu Mag
Cocaine Spreads: Galileu Mag
Home, bitter home: Galileu Mag
Justice Spreads: Galileu Mag
Food Spreads: VIP Mag
Gastronomy Guide: VIP Mag
Ethyl Inspiration Spreads: Galileu Mag
Antimatéria Section: Galileu Mag
G for Galileu Mag
Elementary Section: Galileu Mag
School Spreads: Galileu Mag
Dossiê Vagina: Galileu Mag
Spreads: VIP Mag
Father Spreads: Bons Fluidos Mag
Flowers Spreads: Bons Fluidos Mag
Aikido: Bons Fluidos Mag
Organics Cosmetics Spreads: Bons Fluidos Mag
Food Spreads: Saúde Mag
Precious Stones Spreads: Bons Fluidos Mag
Danish Brunch: Personal Project
Dead Sea | Galileu Mag (August 2016)
Circus of Horrors - Galileu Mag (September 2016)
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