Galileu Magazine Redesign

Complete reformulation of Galileu Magazine 
The redesign brought a completely new aesthetic to the magazine, inspired by the strength of wood typefaces in old advertising posters and The editorial change made the magazine start dealing with more controversial subjects, in a very active tone, almost rebellious. The changes in the magazine went from the choice of guidelines, structure, grid, typography, color palette, style of photographs and illustrations, and the use of uncoated paper for the cover, the front and the back of the book. During the first 6 months of its release, the magazine was presented with an exclusive poster, presented as a gift to readers and reinforcing the new phase of the magazine.

Client Editora Globo 
Year 2015 
Design Director Rafael Quick
Design Consultant Rodolfo França
Art Directors Fernanda Didini e Feu 
Design Intern Ricardo Napoli 
Icons Estúdio Barca 
Group Director Paula Perim
Editor in chief Gustavo Poloni
Editors Cristine Kist, Thiago Tanji, Nathan Fernandes, 
André Jorge de Oliveira, Isabela Moreira

Copy-editor Monique Velloso

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