Brazil that is in the nineteenth century
In more than 40% of the country's cities, the internet has reached cell phones, but there is no sewer system - and the result is hundreds of deaths each year. Currently, only four in ten of Brazilians have sewage collection in a network connected to their residence. Parallel to the technological advance in Brazil, it seems absurd that more people have a cell phone with internet than basic sanitation. Taking this into account, we play with the emoji language to represent the graphic elements of matter. Among poop, technology and nature.

Here the graphs show information as percentage of housing that has or does not have sewage in each city. A parallel between the years in each region of the country, to analyze whether it improved or worsened the situation of each person. Comparative among the other models of discards that the population uses when there is no sewer regulation, such as rudimentary cesspit and ditch. The relationship between the countries of the world, the contamination of groundwater and infant deaths and other diseases related to lack of basic sanitation.

Who also made this
Graphic Design and Data - João Pedro Brito
Illustrations - Marcus Penna
Text and Data - Marcelo Soares and Giuliana de Toledo
Report - Gabriela Azevedo

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