Collective of spreads for the Saúde magazine 
With different ways of illustrating, the infographics created here had the same objective: to explain diseases - causes and how to remedy, to prevent and to stimulate the well-being among the readers.

How is silicone breast implant done? 
Mammoplasty, which increases and projects the breasts, is growing more and more in Brazil. The charts here represent differences in procedures, step-by-step, and differences in results. In addition to a comparative in the amount of implant and post surgical care.
Who ALSO made this​​​​​​​
Illustrations - Erika Onodera
Text - André Biernath
Anti-reflow technology
High-tech devices are the last word in the fight against gastroesophageal reflux disease. Illustrative infographic shows what reflux is. And how the new device bars that problem.

Who Also made this​​​​​​​
Illustration - Raul Aguiar
Text - André Biernath
the benefits of natural childbirth
Every part of the birth process has a motive. From contraction controlling hormones, until the baby's important physique is tightened by the body at the time of exit.
Who Also made this
Illustration - Anna Cunha
Series of infographic on Sustainability 
Our well-being depends on the conscious use of available natural resources and the preservation of the environment. Understand why being sustainable today is being healthy - and vice versa.

Water Waste and contamination of rivers and lakes reduces the amount of drinking water available and promotes the emergence of serious diseases.
Earth Agrochemicals, deforestation and excess garbage produced contaminate the soil.
Air The cars we drive, the line we burn and even the meat we eat pollute the atmosphere and our bodies.
Who also made this
Text - André Biernath and Theo Ruprecht
Graphic Design and Graphics - Laura Salaberry, Pilker and Robson Quinafélix
Illustrations - Éber Evangelista, Erika Onodera, Luiz Irira and Maná E.D.I.

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